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Promoting Your Wholesale Business

Promoting your wholesale business is essential if you want to continue capturing new customers. And if you’re worried about cost, it doesn’t matter what size your wholesale business, as promotion can be relatively cheap. Wholesale Scout investigates.

The explosion of the internet and social media sites during the last few years has meant that businesses can network and interact with their customers at a relatively low cost. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter just require your time. Signing up and interacting with customers is free. These sites are a great way of meeting new customers, answering customer queries and releasing news about your company. (For tips on how to set up a social media site read our wholesale advice article).

But there are a variety of other ways wholesale businesses can promote their products. Below we have listed a few promotional routes you can go down to raise the profile of your business and to gain more customers, without breaking the bank.

Word of Mouth

Attending networking events and letting the general public know about your business is a great promotion tool. If you are selling products that are desirable you should find that people tell other people about your business. Either way networking should be something you do regularly for your business to raise your profile.

Press Releases

If you have specific news or an announcement you want to publicise, consider writing a press release. If you are not confident with writing you should use your network or search online for freelance writers that may be able to help. Writing a press release and sending it to online PR sites can help to generate traffic on the internet. But if you are a local trader and can relate your news to the community, talk to your local newspaper and radio station.

Public Notice Boards

Putting a business card or flyer on public notice boards is a great way of earning more traffic. You can find these boards in a variety of places including supermarkets and coffee shops.

Advertising Online

Advertising your business online doesn’t have to be expensive. You can spend as little or as much as you want by using a pay-per-click campaign. Spend time on search engines and look at your competitors website and keywords to help you plan.

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