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Tips on How to Import Wholesale Products

Usually the best wholesale deals are found overseas. Lots of resellers look to China and other areas to import products at the cheapest prices. But if you haven’t imported yet, check out the tips below to ensure you get it right!


Before you start looking for a wholesale supplier you need to establish what products you are interested in. Once you know this you will be in a better position to negotiate prices and run your product line. Take time to look around at product trends and what is selling to get an idea of what product may be a good profit maker for you.

Wholesale Suppliers

Use your networking skills or a wholesale directory to look for wholesale supplier information. You should try and narrow this down to a shortlist of suppliers you could use. You need to do checks too to ensure they are reliable so spend time on Google verifying them, reading customer reviews and visiting their website or social pages.


Once you have verified your wholesale supplier it is always a good idea to ask for samples first, especially if you are considering placing a big order. This will give you piece of mind and will allow you to see the products before your customers do.


Look into delivery options and ask the supplier who they suggest. Do your own research into air and shipping costs and ensure you know the measurements of the product you need to ship.


Once all of this is organised you will probably have to put down a small deposit to secure the goods and pay the final sum on delivery (this depends on the wholesale suppliers buying terms). Either way you shouldn’t be asked to pay a large sum before you receive the product.
This process will take you through buying products overseas and after this you can then consider increasing your purchasing activity. Usually the bigger orders you do, the more discount you can achieve and the more return on investment!

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