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Wholesale Tips for Visiting a Trade Show

Trade shows can be a great resource for products and present lots of networking opportunities. But how do you maximise your time there?

Trade shows happen all over the country in a variety of industries and some are full of potential wholesale contacts. From Bridal Fairs to Automobile Shows, you should be able to find a trade show that fits with your inventory and your wholesale business model.

Usually at a trade show, suppliers will have a stand showcasing their products and marketing material. But as well as being able to sample their products and find our more about their company, visitors get the chance to interact face to face and take away a business card. Rapport building is always better when it’s done in person so if you play your cards right, you could end up striking a good relationship with a supplier and securing good products for the future.

But if you are planning on attending a trade show it’s crucial you get involved if you are looking to market your business and make some contacts. Here are a few tips to help;

Get business cards printed before you attend so you can give these out to potential wholesale suppliers

Research the show and find out who is attending – make a note of all the people you want to see and make sure you see them

Take a notepad and pen

Talk to people – this is crucial in order to get noticed

Ask for samples – wholesale samples are a great way of viewing a product before you make an order

Ask people for their business cards

Dress appropriately

Arrive on time – if you turn up towards the end some of the exhibitors you want to see might have already gone!

The team at Wholesale Scout have looked into some upcoming trade shows including home products and clearance clothing. Check them out below:

Pure London: 19th – 21st August 2012

Speciality & Fine Food Fair London: 2nd – 4th September 2012

GLEE Birmingham NEC: 17th – 19th September 2012

Off Price Show London: 23rd – 24th September 2012

Manchester Gift Show: 23rd – 25th September 2012

Toy Fair London: 22nd – 24th January 2013

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