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Get Seasonal – Source Wholesale Tanning Lotion Products

So the wind and the rain seem to have abated and it looks like we may have a month of, in general, sunshine this August and with the summer holidays now started for wholesale traders it’s a great time of year to dip into that sack of seasonal goods and offer some well priced holiday products for your customers.
The summer season, with the six weeks school break in particular, sees great sales figures in the holiday sector with sun tan lotion and skin protection products generally being amongst the most popular items. Unfortunately quality tanning & sun tan lotion products can be difficult to source wholesale as most of the big brands tend to solely vend via official trade distributors however with the help of the Wholesale Scout team it is possible for the average wholesale buyer to cut themselves a slice of the summer season retail market.
If this sector grabs your interest and you fancy retailing a bit of the slip-slap-slop then why not get in touch with some of our listed sun tan lotion wholesalers or contact our trusted suppliers of holiday and seasonal goods for products guaranteed to boost your summer sales.

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