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Big Margins on Wholesale Consumer Electronics

Here at the world of consumer electronics is probably the most popular sector amongst our enquiring wholesale buyers. This sector’s popularity is deserved as shoppers are ever-hungry for the latest electrical product or gadget; be it the latest version of the Apple iPhone or a gimmicky toy like the remote control helicopters that have been so popular over the past few years.

The problem for the re-seller or trader in this sector is not the demand but the profit margins which have decreased with the globalisation of the market. With the rise of the internet and sites such as eBay enabling consumers to buy direct from traders working with manufacturers in the Far East it has meant that profit on these items is hard to find. However there are still profitable items out there and even very reliable profitable UK wholesalers to supply you with the products to realise that profit – you just have to know where to look.

With this in mind the Wholesale Scout research team have been working with a UK based consumer electronics wholesaler that can provide products which will sell, even on the terribly competitive eBay, with a healthy profit margin of around 50% or more for the trader! In this sector that is a fantastic return and should enable every trader to grab a piece of the venerable electronics market. With all types of electronic items available, from DAB radios to mobile phone and laptop accessories, this supplier should be in the contacts book of any electronics trader. Here’s just some of the deals they have available currently:



Minimum Order Quantity

Wholesale Unit Price

Sale Price

Potential Profit per Order

Pure Outlet One Mini Black

Pure One Mini Portable DAB / FM Radio





HMDX Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone

Charges and plays iPhone and iPod. 16W RMS speakers with built-in subwoofer for richer sound quality. Includes remote control





Samsung 19” HD LCD TV

HD Ready LCD TV/Monitor with glossy black surround from top manufacturer





Powermat Wireless Charging Device

Wirelessly charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Includes iPhone receiver





Targus Messenger Mode Carry Case

Popular carry case for laptops or any other electronic devices or files with interchangeable shoulder straps





Get in touch with our recommended electronics wholesaler today and start profiting from this market sector.

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