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How to Construct Your e-Commerce Website Literature

Creating an e-Commerce website is your first step to trading online and upping your sales. But the next (and arguably most important thing) is creating compelling content.

Writing effective literature for your wholesale website is crucial to entertaining your visitors, keeping them reading and, eventually, selling products. All wholesale buyers need somewhere to showcase their products and a website is a great platform for that. It can also give wholesale suppliers a place to visit if they want to know more about you as a buyer.

Interesting Content

When beginning to write your website literature think about what you would like to see on a website. Would you want to read long, bland copy? Would you want to see lots of text and no photos? Would you like to see lots of spelling mistakes? Take this into consideration when writing your website. Ensure your content is catchy, that you keep product descriptions brief but compelling and you use good headlines.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is a proven way of increasing website traffic. Placing relevant industry keywords throughout your content will increase your ranking on Google and hopefully increase the visitor numbers to your site. Be careful not to compromise on quality though. If a keyword doesn’t fit or makes the text difficult to read leave it out.

Product Sections

Creating good product sections is crucial when creating content for your e-Commerce website. Highlighting each section under relevant tabs and giving them punchy headlines is a must. Clearly outline the benefits of the product and the selling points.


Highlighting your website pages with pictures is a good way of grabbing attention. Break content up with images to make your site easy to read and support your products with accurate images. This will add legitimacy to your website too.

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