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Understanding the Art of Dropshipping

If you have never heard of or don’t understand Dropshipping then you might want to read this article as the team at Wholesale Scout have looked into it and share some advice!

Dropshipping is basically buying and selling a product that you have never physically seen and sending it directly to the customer. Many companies all over the world use Dropshipping as part of their business. For instance, if you’ve ever walked into a DVD store and they didn’t have what you wanted there, they probably offered to have it delivered directly to you? They would have likely sourced this from their supplier and had this delivered directly to your front door. In a basic form, this is what Dropshipping entails.

As a wholesale buyer you have probably come across the term. Dropshipping enables many small businesses to work with volumes of products with very little hassle and low capital outlay.

So how do you start partaking in this type of business? Firstly you need to find a relevant wholesale supplier. A supplier that has the products you need and a supplier that is willing to ship them directly to the customer as if they were sent from you. If a customer orders something from you and it turns up with another business name on it they are likely to feel confused and suspicious.

When you offer Dropshipping you should include delivery prices in your orders. As soon as an order is placed (either on your e-Commerce website or another contact form) you can take the payment. This is a great benefit of Dropshipping. Payment is usually instant so it allows you quick access for funds to help with shipping or paying your wholesale supplier.

Dropshipping is a relatively easy process to add to your business and may open up avenues for shipping extra stock and upping your sales.

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