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Advertising Via Yellow Pages – Is It Still Worth It?

The power of the internet today is undeniable. Practically everyone uses the web; to search for products, to find things to do, to find work – the list is endless. And now more and more wholesalers are using the net to advertise their services and business. But one outlet (which is a bit more traditional) should not be ignored.

Despite the computer age, wholesale suppliers spend a lot of time and money advertising through the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages remains one of the best places to find reliable business information and has been around for years.

There is no doubt that the internet provides a vast amount of information however most pages can be edited by the general public – forums are a key example. Unless you are being referred to a legitimate website how can you be 100% sure that the information you find from Google is completely accurate?

The Yellow Pages is edited by professionals and the business details between the pages are very accurate. It’s still an effective way of finding and networking with businesses so it definitely should still be a source of information that wholesalers consider.


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