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Expanding Your Wholesale Product Search

We have often mentioned the power of the internet and how it is a crucial tool for any wholesale buyer. While the team at Wholesale Scout believe the internet is a vital source of information, it’s crucial to look into more traditional ways of sourcing products and wholesale suppliers too.

Keep an Eye on Traditional Publications

Although sourcing wholesale suppliers on the internet can be a bit quicker you should never neglect more traditional sources of information including the Yellow Pages. If you do you will probably miss out on business to your competitors so ensure you keep up. A good idea is to manage your time so perhaps check the internet daily and check offline sources once a week.

High Street

You can turn any of your shopping trips into productive business trips. Visiting shops regularly is a great way of networking and finding new contacts. You should always go with a notepad and pen to jot down any useful information you find. Most product packaging will display supplier information so while you are browsing a variety of shops take this information down.


As with most things networking is a great way of finding information and promoting your own business. Ensure you network and keep up with changes in the industry.

Trade Publications

In certain businesses (e.g Hairdressers) there will be trade magazines readily available for customers to look through and read. Ensure you take a look at these as they may be hiding supplier information or useful contacts at the back.

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