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Success Stories: Lush


It started out as a bath and beauty supplier and now there are 830 stores in 51 countries. Wholesale Scout looks at the success of cosmetics company Lush.

Lush, founded by Mark and Mo Constantine, is a privately owned company and was established almost 20 years ago when the first store was opened in Poole in 1994. The company, known for its handmade bathing products and cosmetics, is now a successful retail chain but it once was a beauty supplier to the industry.

Founder Mark Constantine actually started the company in the 1970s. He formed a partnership with Elizabeth Weir and Constantine & Weir was formed. The duo worked together to create unique bath and beauty products and sold them to the industry – gaining a contract with the Body Shop as one of their suppliers. After the company was bought out, husband and wife team Mark and Mo decided to launch Lush as a brand.

The company now produces unique bath and beauty products from natural ingredients including oils, fruit and vegetables and sell them all over the globe. Their products include bath bombs, body lotions, shampoo and conditioners and soap. Lush is also known for its values. As well as not using animal fats in their products the company do not test on animals and regularly take part in animal rights campaigns.

The company now reportedly turns over £272m per year and its founders are thought to be worth £200m.

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