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Drinking Tea – Support a British Tradition by Sourcing Wholesale Tea

It’s a product that was created over 5,000 years ago and today tea is everywhere in the UK. Consumer cupboards, coffee shops, supermarket shelves, take away vans…you can pick up a cup of tea almost anywhere in the country! And so, as a wholesale buyer, this is a lucrative market to explore.

Tea drinking has been a tradition in the UK for around 200 years and its popularity isn’t going anywhere. As well as being a cupboard essential, it’s popular in the work place too. According to the UK Tea Council, 80% of office workers claim they know more about the business by taking tea breaks.

Wholesale buyers can definitely profit from this sector by sourcing wholesale suppliers. The Wholesale Scout team have found a number of wholesale tea products already including tea bags and PG Tips in-cup white packs.

There is a constant demand from both retailers and consumers and the great thing about this product is that there are no seasonal trends. So you can source this product all year round and sell it on with ease.

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