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Whether it’s road, mountain or hybrid – bikes are popular with consumers all year round and you can bag some bargains on bikes through our wholesale suppliers.

Bikes are a popular purchase all year round. Thousands of consumers purchase bicycles to either use as a mode of transport, to enjoy as a hobby or to help boost fitness. Last year 3.6m bikes were sold in the UK so, if you are a wholesale buyer, this is a market worth investing in.

One look at high street retailers will show you just how much variety there is on the market. Road bikes are popular with commuters and popular brands at the moment include Pendleton. Mountain bikes are still one of the most popular types of bikes, as many people use them for off road cycling, holidays and activities. But one of the most popular bikes this summer is the hybrid – a bike with tyres designed to cope with both off road riding and road cycling. Popular brands include Carerra and Raleigh.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been looking for wholesale suppliers offering bikes at competitive prices and have found some great deals including these mountain and BMX bikes.

The team have found a variety of branded bikes at competitive prices like this mountain bike found at a police auction. If you are looking for new products to invest in and sell on then bikes could help you boost your profits.

Whether you are selling online or using a market stall to sell items, start looking for wholesalers now.
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