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It was reported late last year that coffee chain Costa Coffee has overtaken McDonalds in the popularity stakes.

There are now almost 1,300 Costa stores across the UK – around 100 more stores than McDonalds has. It’s quite clear from these figures that most consumers prefer a coffee over a burger and with that in mind wholesale buyers should be prepared to meet this demand.

Coffee shop chains aren’t a new thing. As well as Costa chains like Starbucks, Pret a Manger and Caffe Nero all see hundreds of visitors every day. The variety of coffee on offer is huge too – from skinny lattes to tall whipped cream frappucinos.

The recent surge in popularity could be down to TV shows glorifying coffee shops or it could be down to our ever changing taste buds. Either way the hot drinks industry is a clear profit maker and buyers should look to source wholesale suppliers.

Retailers will be on the lookout for coffee at the best prices so sourcing and working with a reputable supplier could earn you a large return on investment.

The team at Wholesale Scout have already found coffee wholesale suppliers so check out the suppliers section of the site to find out more and get started today.

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