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Keep Out of the Rain by Sourcing Wholesale Umbrellas

The stormy weather is upon us, with parts of the UK experiencing heavy rain and winds. And so at this time of year consumers will be digging out their old brollies and searching for new ones – so sourcing wholesale umbrellas could be really profitable for your business.

Umbrellas are used by both men and women during the rainy season so sourcing different colours is essential. If you take a quick glance at any of the high street shops you will see an array of colours – black, grey, green, pink, orange – there is such a variety to choose from. Similarly there are a number of different patterns and sizes. As a wholesale buyer stocking up on a collection will ensure you have plenty of stock for people to choose from and should keep your products selling into the New Year.

Depending on the store, the cost of an umbrella on the high street can be between £10 – £15 and so (if you choose the right wholesale supplier) the profit per unit can be substantial.

You don’t have to limit your search here – finding appropriate wholesale footwear like wellington boots can also help you to boost profits in the wet weather.

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