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Wholesale Buyers Prepare for Freshers’ Week

In a few weeks time thousands of undergraduates will be going off to University to start the next stage of their careers. The first week of September will see thousands of students hitting the shops in search of goodies for Freshers’ Week.

Every University across the country has a Freshers’ Week – which is full of activities for new students to take part in and gives them a chance to get to know the University and their classmates. It is an extremely popular event, usually full of parties and celebrations. And wholesale buyers can prepare for this busy week by sourcing wholesale suppliers.

Products that are usually sought after are alcohol, food and clothing. But with a student budget being pretty tight, many freshers will spend time before University sourcing the best deals on these products.

If you are interested in finding out how you can boost sales during this time, you can find a number of wholesale suppliers in our wholesale directory and start stocking up.

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