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Lighting products for indoor and outdoor use are popular all year round. Whether it’s celebrating an event, decorating a house to make it seasonal or simply updating decor – lights can make a big impact and, as they are bought all year round, they are a safe product to search for if you are a wholesale buyer.

Lighting can be a lucrative product if you are a wholesale buyer. Not only can they be cheap to stock but they can also be sold all year round, leaving you with no seasonal limitations. They are also easy to stock, don’t require much warehouse space and some can make attractive profit margins.

The rise of high street stores like IKEA have seen thousands of consumers searching for bargain home ware products. From furniture and home decor items to household essentials – consumers visit home stores all year round to purchase items. Consumers also search online for these products to secure them at a cheaper price. So if you are a reseller using eBay, Amazon or your own ecommerce site, this could be a market worth investing in.

So what kind of lights are popular with consumers? And what kind of profits can they make you? Decorative lights for the home and garden have been bought in high volumes this summer – especially solar lights. The heat wave contributed to an increase in sales on solar lights but consumer desire to save on running costs also increased sales too. The Wholesale Scout team have found a wholesaler offering solar wall lights for 99p per unit and with a likely resale price of £14.99 you could be saving up to 95% off the RRP.

Decorative lights for the home, like twig lights and lamps, are popular all year too but as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas approach consumers will no doubt be looking for more seasonal lighting.

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