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As Christmas is only around the corner, may consumers will be searching retailers for gift ideas. Jewellery is a popular present during this period.

Jewellery is a popular purchase over the Christmas period as it is on many consumers’ wish lists – including both men and women.

High street retailers stock thousands of different jewellery products – with many retailers offering products at competitive prices. High street chains like River Island and New Look offer costume jewellery and watches at competitive prices and these are bought all year round. However Christmas, traditionally, sees sales increase.

Although high street retailers offer unbranded products, many consumers look for designer products at this time of year to give as gifts. Branded items like necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches are all sought after on the high street and online.

With thousands of consumers looking to grab a deal during the festive period, online retailers will be inundated with product requests. This is where you can increase sales for your wholesale business. If you are a reseller operating online, use either your own site or sites like eBay to sell these products at competitive prices. But if you don’t currently operate online don’t despair – car boot sales and markets are still popular.

In order to give the best deals you need to find the most competitive wholesale suppliers. The team at Wholesale Scout have found suppliers offering designer jewellery at attractive prices. Some of the products include Fossil watches, a DKNY bracelet and a Pandora bracelet.

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