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Floods Hit the UK; Wholesale Buyers Prepare with Wholesale Car Accessories

Some of the worst weather in history hit the UK last weekend. Floods and torrential rain occurred in most parts of the country, with some areas experiencing a month worth of rain in just twenty four hours! And the weather forecast suggests there are still a few weeks of rain on the horizon.

Wholesale buyers can boost business during this time though by sourcing wholesale suppliers. Resellers should look to source wholesale suppliers of car accessories, particularly those that can help to combat the poor weather. Consumers will be out in the next few weeks searching for products to help them on the roads, especially commuters.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of products already including Rain X Rain Repellent for windscreens – a product designed to coat a windscreen in a smooth film to help water slide off more quickly.

Wholesale buyers can find lots of other car related products in our wholesale directory including windscreen wipers – so start sourcing these suppliers today!

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