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Police Auction Inadvertently Sells Cannabis

A recent news report has detailed how an online police auction has accidentally sold an item containing cannabis.

As many wholesale buyers will know, police auctions allow buyers to source and purchase a variety of products at cheap prices. The products can include electrical goods and house items and are auctioned off after police seize them during investigations into burglaries and stolen property. If the goods are not claimed by the original owners, they are auctioned off to the public.

This recent auction in Nottinghamshire proved troublesome though as a Sony PSP and case were sold for £21.50 and cannabis was found by the buyer in the packaging. The police have launched an investigation into this and believe the item was not thoroughly checked before it was sold.

Despite this news, police auctions usually run very smoothly and are a great source of products for wholesale buyers. Some products sell for half their RRP price!

To find out more visit our police auctions page.

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