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Get Soap for Your Wholesale Buying Business

Soap products are sold all year round and these items are popular during special occasions too so this could be a potentially lucrative product for your wholesale business.

The soap, bath and shower sector is a large market in the UK. With many consumers using these products as an everyday essential item, their popularity and sales remain fairly unchanged by dips in the economy. Soap items are sold most days of the year. A variety of brands are popular – but many people spend a small amount on every day shower gels and soap and splash out at Christmas and other occasions throughout the year on more expensive items. Leading the way in the every day market is Radox, which has 24% of the bubble bath market share. There are also a range of luxury brands that are sought after – including handmade fresh products from retailers like Lush.

The gift market is also hugely popular. Many consumers buy soap and bath bomb gift sets to give as gifts – bath bubbles are especially popular and account for roughly 18% of the soap and smellies market. According to a report last year eight out of ten adults in the UK use liquid soap so this is also a product range worth looking into for your reselling business.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found wholesale suppliers who specialise in these products. There are a number of suppliers listed, from suppliers offering every day soap products to others specialising in branded gift sets.

Start searching the website today to contact these suppliers and to build your product base. With soap items selling all year round and with very little storage space needed to stock these items, you could make a difference very quickly to your company.

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