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Can You Find Good Deals at Car Boot Sales?

car boot sale

Car boot sales are popular all over the country at this time of year but are they worth visiting if you are a wholesale buyer?

Typically car boot sales happen throughout the summer. As soon as the weather gets warmer, many car boot sale sites open for business. A variety of people sell stock at car boot sales – small businesses, resellers and members of the public will all set up a car boot sale stand during the summer to sell off products. With a regular pitch costing between £5-£10, it’s a relatively cheap way to sell off old items and make some money.

Depending on the area, there can be a variety of products sold. From members of the public selling off old unwanted house items to specialist local businesses selling produce and specialist items – car boot sales seem to have something for everyone.

And this is definitely the case for wholesale buyers. Car boot sales can be great for finding bargain stock and niche items. If you are looking to stock up on your inventory then a visit to a car boot sale could be worth it. Here are a few reasons why:

• Many people sell items at a car boot sale that they don’t know much about. This can mean low buying prices and the opportunity to make healthy profit margins. With so many sellers looking to sell on old board games, old toys and old ornaments – you could end up finding something very valuable.

• There is so much variety at a car boot sale that it makes it difficult for you to waste time. Whether you want to purchase electrical items or clothing, you can usually pick up something of value and your trip shouldn’t be wasted.

• Car boot sales can be good for meeting contacts. You may even find a wholesale supplier specialising in a product you want to stock so it’s definitely worth considering brushing up on your networking skills.

• Bargaining is one of the most common things to see at a car boot sale. You will rarely pay face value for an item and should be able to bargain with the seller to achieve some low prices.

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