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Wholesale Toys Could Boost Your Profits

wholesale toys

A recent study suggested that the average consumer could make £600 or more just from reselling old toys stored in their loft. So could toys be worth investing in for your wholesale buying business too?

The study revealed that many consumers store old toys, often for long periods of time, without realising their potential value. The average consumer reportedly stores £600 or more worth of goodies in their home. Some of the toys topping the valuable list include Scalextric kits (which could earn up to £2,000 depending on the model and condition), Barbies, Action Man, Kerplunk and Star Wars memorabilia. Some of these toys are often seen at car boot sales and if you are a wholesale buyer looking to stock up on toys, it could be worth a visit to your local car boot sale or market. You can usually pick these items up at rock bottom prices.

As well as old toys creating potential profits, new toys – whether they are being sold online or via retailers – are still as a popular as ever. Despite retailers struggling on the high street in recent years, the toy industry is worth an estimated £2.94 billion. In 2011 alone almost 400m toys were sold across the UK. So for resellers this could be a very profitable area to focus on.

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