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Should You Have Business Cards for your Wholesale Business?

If you are just starting out as a wholesale buyer you are probably looking at ways to grow your business and promote your products. Business cards can be a cost effective way of marketing and can help you to raise your business profile.

Business cards are a traditional way of marketing a company. You can turn up at a networking event, introduce yourself as a reseller, talk to wholesale suppliers and hand out your business card at the end of the night. It’s a relatively cheap and hassle-free way of marketing your business to the masses.

As well as providing a cheap alternative to traditional marketing, handing out business cards can give your brand maximum exposure. If a potential customer takes your card they are likely to keep hold of it and perhaps even show it to their contacts. Other forms of marketing, like using the press or advertising, have an expiration date and therefore can be less value for money.

If you are thinking of attending networking events but are intimidated, business cards can also act as a warm up and an opener to a conversation. By handing out your business card at the beginning of a conversation you can ‘break the ice’ – the person is likely to ask you about your business after being handed your card and therefore it can help you to start conversations.

There aren’t many reasons to avoid business cards apart from if your business is not quite ready for trading.

If you do decide to get business cards you need to ensure the colour and design match your business, logo and product selection. Don’t forgot to list important information like your contact details and company website to gain maximum exposure for your business.

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